From teenage to an adult!

Writing my first ever blog! “Wohooo”.

Okay, before the readers start searching for the close button and wonder”So what?”, let’s come back .

‘From teenage to an adult’ – Though a phrase, yet a phase of life that everyone has to go through. For some, it might be a bitter one and for some a memorable and cherishing one.

“How exciting it is to celebrate 13th Birthday” exclaimed a newly turned teenager.

“Our child is entering teens” thought the nervous parents.

A Teenager wants  to do all that is often tagged as famous teenage stories around the school. Things like having a gang, being cool & attractive, circulating slam books and don’t know what. Friends become the world. And the few lucky ones even make friends for life during this phase.

Everything seems so magnetic during this phase attracting you to opposite sex and making new friends.They seem friendlier than family. One starts to get conscious for every tit bit in life – be it looks, way you speak or the way you walk.

An instance that nearly every parent can relate to is when they have to attend their child’s Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM). It’s like a “meeting with PM Modi”both for the parent and the child, where the parent is expected to comply with all formal standards of appearance, communication and body language.They are not allowed to ask or speak with the teacher,in excess of what is needed.

As emphasized by every parent (though realized later), ” Teenage is a phase which can either make or destroy your life”. This holds very true as your peers/friends’ become your only mentors. One does not realize that even the ‘so-called mentors’ are in the same stage of development as you. Not having friends or being a loner is not the motive,but somehow one tends to lose the connect with self conscious.

Being the back benchers, bunking classes & roaming in the school corridors, showing off the hidden cellphones, making fun of teachers,playing the all time famous “FLAMES” game  or for the so called – Albert Einsteins’, competing with the class Topper, being chosen as the class monitor or simply being the teachers’ favourite student is a saga that every teenager wants to be part of. A teenager starts feeling every damn emotion and in many cases, strangely, even goes through a heartbreak at such a tender age! Innocence slowly starts to vanish and what next? Life throws another bouncer and you end up in your 20s. You finally have the legal right to most of the “things”(if you know what I mean) .

“Touching 20s is when your real life actually starts”. One experiences that life is no more a child’s play now. It is the time when you have to decide the direction of your career and life. Twenties is a phase where you give way to dreams & new hopes, have new experiences & you decide to move on with the bitter ones and realizations.Yes! when you finally realize that whatever lectures your parents’ gave you during your teens were all actually true. And that only your family was constant throughout when everything else around you changed. And then your world shifts from friends to family. Ahh! Finally you give up the idea of impressing each & every every damn being on this Earth as it’s not worth it. You decide to love & live for yourself,reach new heights and strive to be the best.

When you start working as a professional is when you realize the value of hard earned money. How buying an Iphone from dad’s pocket was so easy to thinking a hundred times before buying it from your own pocket.That is when one starts to have a record of where even a penny goes! Ironical.

Concluding with, “Life is a journey & not a destination”. Live each moment, after all you never know – Kal ho na ho. (Okay, that was a bad one!)


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