And it’s a Checkmate by PM Modi!

So how many of you have lost quite a few Black Chess pieces and are hard hit by PM Modi’s Checkmate? All sympathies with you in this tough time. Modiji ne yeh kar ke ‘sadma raised to the power infinity’ kar diya.(Those of you who din’t get this, more sympathies with you!)

When one of the largest economies in the world can turn from Black to White (c’mon guys, not Orange) , why should India be behind?

Yes, you got that right. Demonetization of existing 500 & 1000 rupee notes by PM Modi would now be remembered as “India’s 9/11 attacks on Black money”. Many were juggling whether to focus on the news or try-to-smile on the non-stop whatsapp messages like “Anna hazare changing his name to Anna Do-hazare” or “News channels had prepared for Trump & Clinton, but Modi came out of syllabus”. Amidst all this, husbands secretly thanked Modiji for this move. Finally the day came where the poor slept peacefully and happily than the sleepless wealthy lot!

No wonder, it’s a brilliant and “much needed” move by PM Modi. Corruption has its roots so much deepened in the economy that it seems almost impossible to come out of this vicious cycle. Lekin ab nahin toh kab? One has to take a stand and be the Leader for a better tomorrow. And we all support and Salute you Modiji. Thank you for giving us the courage to at least visualize and do our bit for a corrupt-free India tomorrow.

Looking at “short term” troubles that common man is going through is quite disturbing.Not just the men, even the women carrying their children are out on the streets to either withdraw their hard earned money or get them exchanged/deposited. Though rare, even children were seen lined up and when asked for the reason, they wanted to get their pocket money exchanged too. (Awww!) Imagine when finally after hours of waiting & cursing oneself of not having deposited money in banks earlier, it’s your turn and the man sitting at the counter says “Sorry, out of cash!”. Don’t you feel like simply showing him your dhai kilo ka haath? Okay, seriously, the bigger trouble is when one (sadly) stands/sits/lies down for hours in long queues and gets a 2000 rupee note in return! Nobody is ready to trade for that as well, which is genuine too as everyone is running short of lower denomination notes.

ATMs are running out of cash and few people are even seen wandering on the streets at midnight to save themselves from queues the next day, to withdraw mere 2000 rupees from ATMs. However, once we zoom out and see the bigger picture, many are ready to face these temporary turmoils and support Modiji in every way they can. Don’t you feel fortunate enough to be a part of this Fight against Black Money?

Shifting your focus a little from troubles to a few unanswered questions like the one below.

The move by PM Modi is to curb Black Money. Is this being taken in the real sense? The moment this announcement was made, it gave birth to another business of acting as Hawala and agents to get rid of the black money. A 1000 rupee note was being sold for Rs. 700 and so on. The big fat Lallas asked all their workers & labourers to stand in long queues in exchange of some commission. Have we ever heard business tycoons or wealthy men crying against corruption? It is the common man who cries for a corrupt free India, then why is this very common man (those acting as hawalas and agents) lined up for hours to exchange money of their bosses or whosoever in lieu of a mere 100-200 rupees(etc) commission? Are we really supporting Modiji? One may say in response to this that this business is at a very micro level and won’t impact India’s economy at large, to which I will throw the all time hit tagline – Boond boond sagar bane. C’mon folks, isn’t it?

If We truly want corrupt free India, firstly We ourselves have to refrain from indulging in such activities/business and not come up with allegations like “AAP ko bhagwan kabhi maaf ni karega“(wink)!

What do you think?



  1. Very nicely presented.. It will be a revolution.
    I feel fortunate that I am part of this revolution.
    I want to just mention that there are few who are not blessed as us.. We have plastic money to survive but not all.
    If some exceptions can be given that would worsen the situation, rightly said by Arun Jaitley, if we think of giving exception to the one who are suffering like people who have marriage or any other specific business.. People will make use of the exceptions.
    So, people join hands. Any revolution needs patience and we Indians can fight any battle..

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    1. That’s a wonderful approach Nidhi.. Truly, we have to focus on the larger picture because these troubles are temporary..And I am sure a major part of the population is ready to face these troubles for the betterment of the nation!


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