And it’s your Birthday Papa!

It’s that day of the year which does give me goosebumps when each time I somehow fail to express how much blessed I feel to have my Father with me in each moment of my life.

Thinking of a Father-Daughter relationship, I think it’s a Khatta Meetha one! (At least mine is (wink)). Why do Dads always have to refuse each time a daughter asks,” What gift do you want on your birthday Papa?” and get happy by a simple bouquet and a smile? Why do Dads work so hard and buy nothing for themselves, thus forcing the family to literally push them hard to go and buy stuff?

Well, with these unanswered questions and calming myself again for having failed to convince my Dad that now I am grown enough to buy you a present, let me share my thoughts on “Dad – Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad!”

Dads are like coconuts i guess! Hard outside but soft inside. Isn’t it? Ask any kid whom they love the most – Mom or Dad and major part of the lot would reply ‘Mom’, simply because Dads are strict or scold a lot. To the contrary if you ask the kid who buys them more stuff/toys etc , the reply would be ‘Dad’!

Dads can sometimes be stubborn too and behave like a kid and then the daughters like Me have to scold them and get them on track (which is hardly successful!).

“Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho, kya gham hai jisko chupa rahe ho” – That is what Dads are found doing most of the times. Smiling yet lost in millions of entangled thoughts.If we seriously keep a bucket of ice on our head (Guys please don’t try) and think a little, Dads have so much on their shoulders – from business, phone/electricity/water bills, school fees & don’t know what, to ‘kabhi na khatam hone wali biwi-bachchon ki maangein’!And that is when one might regret ‘Akhir maine shaadi ka ladoo kyun khaya?’

Who says Boost is the secret of our energy? I believe the energy and motivation that a Dad can give to succeed in life is incomparable.He will push you hard enough to get you moving, no matter how thorny the journey is. He will also secretly keep almonds on the table every morning for your good health, though actually he might pray “Bhagwan ise thodi akal de”(Haha).

Okay after all this taareef and bringing a smile to the readers,specially who are Dads, now I want to Thank my Dad – Not because it’s your Birthday but everyday, I want to Thank You Papa for each and every bit you do just to see us smiling. Thank You for lifting us up or simply cracking age-old jokes when we feel down. Thank you for all the surprising & tempting snacks and chocolates you bring while you return home from work. Thank you for taking my awesome photographs and showing off your photography skills so that I can change my Facebook/Whatsapp’s Dps. And the list will go on.

Thank you for Everything. I Love You Papa. Wish you a Healthy, Happy and Peaceful life ahead 🙂


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