Kya aap mujhse Fraandship karoge?

What is the one word that comes to your mind when you hear the word “FRIEND”? (Just Friend and not categorizing them in Real/Best/Facebook wala friend and blah blah blah!) Come on, do what I say and then read on.

Is it desi words like “Kamina”,”Saala” or angrezi ones like “Companion”,”Family”,”Craziness” etc.? Whatever the word is, I am sure in the process of exercising your brains to think of that 1 word, a few names definitely crossed by your mind on just reading the word “Friend” and honestly, those are the ones who define Friendship in your lives. One might have hundreds of friends, but the ones you know who truly stand by you, might just count to somewhere around 3-4. So as you read on, it is ONLY these people that I am dedicating this blog too.

Let’s decode – Is a relationship named Friendship really special and magical or is it just the hype?

Ever thought why do most people feel utterly blessed of having great friends in life or  Why do counsellors’ often guide stressed couples to get back the friendship in their relationship or simply parents’ trying to be your friends once you grow up?

If you ask me, it is such a connect with a person that helps you be who you truly are, when you are with them, irrespective of your gender,caste, financial status etc. I am sure some of the readers’might have stopped on reading “gender”, but the truth is that it is a bond between two souls and has nothing to do being a male/female(Please don’t follow Karan Johar’s movies that say ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost ni ho sakte, its bullshit! ). Coming back, One can be carefree and act in the weirdest of ways without having the fear of being judged (Yes, one might fear of being badly insulted/teased though (wink)). One can express emotions freely and may even feel safe to breakdown in front of them. You can even be in your shabbiest looks and know that they wont judge you on the clothes or stuff you wear. However, they might rather secretly click a picture of you and tease you later. Those are your real friends.

You can actually put your heart out in front of your friends and share the mutual happiness/heartbreak/hatred (hatred is specially for girls since boys are like Bhai to every other male). A friend will guide you genuinely and may even scold you at times like a parent. No wonder, then you might want to scream “Main Dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghaat ka” (Haha).

It is also about sharing Mutual Acceptance in friendship. Friends know each others’ short comings & weaknesses and yet accept it gracefully. They get so used to each other that they even become aware of the others’ trigger points. Such is the beauty of Friendship.

In many cases, two best friends may decide to marry & live together for the rest of their lives as they share mutual trust and understanding or an arranged-married couple making the first promise to be friends first & then lovers, thus sharing all emotions and moments in life. It is that important to have a strong foundation of friendship in any relation. No, I am not arousing the Friendship vs Love battle, rather personally feel that a basic ingredient of friendship can definitely make any relation sweeter. ( Not because, F comes before L guys!). And it is also scientifically proven that couples having strong friendships tend to be more happier, contented,full of life and stay together for longer.

Even parents try to be your friends as you grow. They want to a part of your dreams & emotions that you might just share with your friends. It’s important for both, parent & child, to develop that friendship and share their views openly, even if they might be conflicting. Sharing your view and then letting the other free from either choosing or not choosing your view, is what that might strengthen the taken-for-granted wala relationship with Parents. Accepting each other & yet not being judgemental at the same time is whats important to ignite the friendship between the both.

And yes, not just humans, even dogs can be great friends too! A famous personality (can’t remember the name) once said,”My dog treats me the same way each time I return home even after being failed”. That’s the magic we all got to have in us and be a great friend, not just to others but to ourselves too!  Let’s spread the joy of Friendship.

So, kya aap mujhse Fraandship karoge? 🙂



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