My Journey of being a Chartered Accountant

After passing 10th Board exams, the next big thing awaiting decision is about choosing the right stream that would shape the career ahead. One has lot of options like going for Commerce,Science, Medical, Arts etc. yet unaware of any of the streams. At that time, a student gets a lot of advices from people, pros and cons of a particular subject and how it might shape/destroy future. It’s like listening to a pandit chanting shlokas which only he understands. Trusting the advices that seem more genuine, one finally takes the big decision. And it doesn’t end here, after passing 12th Board exams, you are again on the same point where you have to take another decision to choose the line that you want to specialize in, within the chosen stream. Hence, this blog is for those who chose Chartered Accountancy (CA) course after taking up Commerce in class 11.

And it all began in June, 3 months right after appearing for 12th Board exams in March.Passing the CA entrance exam (referred as “CPT”) was the next big target. One will often find CA students full of zeal & energy at this point & knows that from now on,(specially in CA) there are only 2 words that will decide your fate : PASS or FAIL.Seeing “PASS” on the CPT result card, happiness knows no bounds on achieving the first milestone, specially for the Mummys who proudly announce that “My child is now officially pursuing CA”. Intermediate exams (referred as “IPCC” the then) awaits next.This is the phase in this course where a CA student’s motivation is on the highest peak.

I still remember while preparing for Inter exams, a number of coachings were required for different subjects which involved choosing the right coaching institute. Not just Google reviews but feedback from bade bhaiya-didi (i.e. CA Final students) also mattered. Once the same was decided, next step was to plan the multiple classes in a manner that din’t overlap each other. So in my case,along with my friends, each day I had 2 classes at the same place with a time gap of around 2 hours . For morning classes, Metro was like a second home to many, having a unique species of humans – a CA student. These species are often found wandering on streets of Laxminagar, ITO or Kashmere Gate. However, when it was time for the evening slot, how nerdy & embarrassing it was to sit on bus-stops while revising for the next class & having lunch simultaneously, is too good to be recalled. Since, We were not allowed to stay in the auditorium after the class got over & going home and coming back again would eat up all time, only this option was left. Days and months passed, even we stopped giving passerbys the “looks” and focused on books. This is how,at least, my IPCC phase was, but when it resulted in “PASS”, trust me,it was worth it.

Next phase began “3 year Articleship (or Internship in simple language)- Kyunki CA bhi kabhi Article tha!.” Doing articleship from Big4 is like a dream for many but only a few are able to make it. For those who are unable to make it to the Big4, the situation is no different from a fox giving up thinking the grapes are sour. A CA student’s motivation is inversely proportional to the no. of years that pass since the entrance exam! And now, the motivation graph was on the decline. Anyway, as a year of the training passes, students often start getting nightmares of CA FINALS, approaching like a demon. That is when the next set of coachings begin.One has to manage office & coachings with time running at an unbeatable speed.

I can never forget how my dad used to drive me to classes at 5:30 am in the winters.Once that got over & it was time to go to office,he used to meet me in the metro carrying my breakfast,lunch and evening snacks (for evenings class) everyday till my classes got over. It was not just my battle but his too! Mums are no less when it comes to supporting their child. From getting up early morning,cooking & packing 3 meals together to chanting prayers,she does it all. Final exams finally came & went like hawa ka jhoka leaving me & my family very confident of positive results. On the result day, after entering my details on the site, all that appeared this time was “FAIL”. Yes, it was true. Not easy to digest for someone who had always been a topper in school and cleared CA exams so far in one go! I know a few people who went through the same phase – from being school toppers to stumbling right in CA Finals. And that was the beginning of a new chapter I believe. It was about learning the hard way on who stands by you during tough times, when you are simply nothing. That is when I along with my family embarked a new journey, all standing together to face this tsunami in our lives.

A year long preparations were on again and surprisingly, with the same books in which I drowned myself a year back.Finals again came & went like hawa ka jhoka. This time there was no bidding. It was that day again when maximum prayers are offered to God by many students & parents. And such was the situation at my place too! Mom & Dad immersed in prayers, chilled out brother watching TV assuring all that this time I’ll make it and Me constantly refreshing the website where results were to be announced. With non stop butterflies in the stomach, result was delayed by an hour, thus adding to the nervousness. An hour passed and all still engaged in same activities as before, finally the result was out. This time, it was a six! Khushi ke ansoo on each face was indescribable.

All that appeared was “PASS” and the much awaited Chartered Accountant was born. 🙂

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