GrandMa – Epitome of Unconditional Love

My GrandMa was not as pink & rosy as you see in the picture above, yet beautiful in her own special way. She was no different from the image we all visualize a GrandMa -Healthy(mine was a little more (wink)) with Gray hair.

GrandMa! The Khatta-Meetha bond with them, however with Meetha more. Often seen, kids have some of the best memories with their Grandparents which reminds me of a phrase I read somewhere,”The reason Grandchildren & Grandparents get along so well is that they both share the same enemy!”. (Not sure if this is why they share the best memories.. Haha)

This one is dedicated to my GrandMa whom i called “Badi Mumma” unlike “Dadi”. Today (07-01-2017) , a year passes since the day she decided she had tolerated enough of us staying under the same roof & it was time to go!

We have had our moments together. Though I don’t remember much of my childhood memories with her, apart from a few captured ones where she used to bathe me up or we sitting together. The occasions where I can relate to her most is Winters & Christmas. We often used to sit under the Sun during winters, eating Guava or Oranges with a pinch of “Chaat Masala”. Talking about daily soaps was her favourite pastime and then she used to doze off, without any anxiety visible on her face ! Another thing that made her sit under the Sun was drying the pickles. I loved the way she made “Aam ka Achaar”. Also, preparing Gajar ka halwa every winters was like a customary thing to do for her.

It was Christmas time and there she was to see my decorated tree & be my secret Santa. Secretly, she asked my Grandpa to buy things for me like chocolates, chips,cookies and all the junk food that I liked. I still remember the way she wished me “Merry Kishmish”. Yes, it was that cute & funny.

We also have ‘eating-chatpatta-together’ memories. She was a big time foodie I tell you. From Bhelpuri, Papri Chaat to Kurkure or Mad Angles, were her all time favourite snacks, no matter how spicy they were!

And today, these are all just memories.

I was in the train travelling back home when I was informed that she passed away and each minute,all of a sudden, became like an hour. Yet I consider myself fortunate enough to have witnessed her last rites and seeked her blessings.

Since then, We often meet in dreams.

I Miss You Badi Mumma.


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