Books padhne ki keemat, tum kya jaano Ramesh babu!

This one is for all the Book Lovers or Kitabi keedas (other than academics) , as you may like to call yourself, if you are one. So how many of you feel Books can really be great friends? At least I do because I have only books with me when my other lot of “friends” are unavailable! And trust me, I don’t even have to spend a minute to send a whatsapp message to Books seeking their company, that’s the best part! (wink)

Before the Book lovers read on, I would recommend to pause for a moment & introspect that How have books made you feel so far? Have you ever felt that they are watching you & waiting for you to pick them up, each time you decide to use a phone or simply sleep?

Well, accepting the fact that many of the readers might not have really paused & pondered ( since we are too busy to exercise our brains), I decide to move on.

Not even 24 hours have passed, since one of my friends responded “Ah! It’s so boring, being this Kitabi Keeda thing!” when asked if she loved reading books. And honestly, that keeda in her reply hasn’t let me sleep since then and here I am writing this blog to defend all Book lovers, considering it’s my social kartavya. 

Anyway, coming back to the point, the very first and basic advantage of reading is it improves vocabulary & communication. It serves you with new words and you end up searching its meaning in a dictionary or simply Googleing it. It helps in understanding various forms of expressions that we might not even be aware of. Who doesn’t want to be great at communication? All of us, right? So this is one of the best tricks. (Thank me later)

Books also help develop intellect & reasoning.  It may happen that you come across a character who is playing the role of a Villain & the Hero is kidnapped. Your brains start exercising and finding of ways the Hero can escape. Or simply questioning the roles the characters play.

Books act like a bridge to reach the horizons which seem too far-sighted in this real & too-busy-to-take-a-break life. You can imagine the unimaginable and get an all new perspective to things & situations. Sometimes, we end up reading a role that best describes a person that we,ourselves,might be! Have you felt so? And then you can relate to the situations the role goes through and wins in the end. Imagine when a fictitious role can play so well, what great things a real role, like us, can do! That is when we,too, feel inspired & confident to face life.

Another thing that makes books so good is their ability to make you feel detached from the world, even if for a few moments . Lets say, if you a reading a thriller, you are bound to avoid whatsapp messages or scrolling through facebook posts & be completely engrossed in the book, thus leaving you relaxed in the end. It’s like taking a nap after you are so exhausted that you don’t even have the strength to dream in your sleep.And that is when, your “chatter box” i.e. brain relaxes. That is why, it is always recommended to read a few pages before you sleep, thus helping you stay away from gadgets and get good sleep.

Trust me, Books or simply the reading habit can bring immense benefits & once you start liking it, benefits change to happiness.

Just imagine : Kuch books padh ke, itne sare fayde *muft* *muft* *muft* ! (Read the text highlighted in bold above for some of the benefits) .

Isn’t the offer tempting?



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