Appraisal Season!

Similar to seasons like Summers, Winters, Autumn, Spring & Monsoons, we have a Sixth season – The Appraisal Season! This season, generally, comes half-yearly or yearly. Most of those “working-in-organisations wala lot ” would relate to this & for those who are just about to Google and find out what it means, Guys, Main hoon na!

Okay, so let’s understand what does “Appraisal” mean? It simply means “Assessment”. Jaise school mein Report Card hoti thi, vaise hi Jobs mein “Appraisals” hote hai. So, it is basically a formal Assessment of the performance of Employee over a given period of time.Now this assessment could be on various parameters – Performance, Behaviour, Relationship building with stakeholders, Achievement Drive and much more. So all this is collated in a typical form, which initially the Employee fills up assessing his/her parameters and then the respective Manager gives his/her comments on the same. Additionally, for each of the above parameters, a Rating is to be given by both (generally on the scale of 1 to 5, 5 being Outstanding).

After the above paperwork is done, a formal discussion happens between the Employee and the Manager(s) . Generally, the perception is that a Manager provides feedback to the employee, however the good part is that even the Employee can provide feedback for the Manager (which many refrain, for obvious reasons!).

Appraisals are of utmost importance and should be taken in a positive and healthy manner. It is a platform where you can openly seek feedback from your Manager, speak about any challenges/issues you faced, give new ideas about simplifying a task,things you could improve on or simply about your future career aspirations. After all, It is imperative to know whether you are on the right path or mindlessly working without a definite career goal.

As many of us might have experienced, each time we are applauded by our manager(s) of the good things we did or qualities we possess, our energy immensely shoots up! And then we tend to become more open to accept feedback on areas that we need to develop. Are the readers wondering, if that is the reason why discussions start with good things first? (Well…) Jokes apart, this is one of “The” effective measures for having a healthy discussion for growth and development. It not only boosts our confidence but also prepares us for bigger challenges!

Everything works on “Measures”in this world.Hence, vital to have Performance measured too! (Did I just hear someone say – One thing that cannot be measured is Love! Ye pyar ka bhoot kab utrega bhagwan? )

Anyway, so the crux is that We must strive for excellence & frequently seek feedback for our consistent career growth, along with working on our development areas as well. Most important here is to be open to accept negative feedback as well!And then work out on possible ways to improve.

A strange yet funny similarity between studying in school & working in an organisation is that One always gets butterflies in the stomach – be it for exams or appraisals, and generally that happens to be in March each year! 

Pata nahin kitno ki Holi kharab hone wali hai! (Haha)

Wishing Good Luck to all those who are yet to have their Appraisals. And come on guys, Be Happy at least you’re getting feedback for the work you do, unlike me who doesn’t have any feedback for the blogs I write! Sob, sob.


  1. Too diplomatic yaar. For me appraisal is always like “sadda haq itha rakh”. Sometime u r successful but most time disappointment.
    Holi ke yaad mat dilao yaar, ab tension ho rahi hai:(

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, thats true Mayank.. But then hard work always pays off! So even if you havent got your due credit, you definitely will get it in some form or the other.. And that by the way is Nature’s law! 🙂


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