Bura na maano, Holi hai?

Happy Holi

“Sabse pehle toh ye batao Holi kabki hai? 12th ya 13th?”- Have you guys also been listening this for a while? Well, its officially 13th March! And the best part is that it happens to be a MONDAY! Yayy!

For many of us, the festive spirits are directly proportional to the days they fall on. And the days “must be” Friday/Monday.

So, when do you know Holi is coming?

The moment when you are attacked by a water balloon and then you look around to find the culprit, either (s)he has run away or (s)he confidently smiles back at you! Well, whatever be the case, you stop for a second,recall the Calendar you saw on 1st Jan itself. And then almost shout,”Abhi toh 10 din pade hai!”. That is when you know HOLI is coming.

We all know Holi is a “festival of colours”, but ever wondered Why is it celebrated or what is it’s significance?

Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, arrival of spring , end of winters ( which somehow doesn’t hold true, each time it rains and brings winter back).Moreover, for many, it’s a festive day to meet others, play, forget and forgive. It’s a day where you even hug your enemies, as they say. Well, of course why won’t you hug? Holi par toh sab ek jaise lagte hai. When you don’t even recognize your face, then what big deal is hugging a enemy?

This is one of the most exciting festivals celebrated across India and some other countries too. It’s a mix of fear and excitement actually. Fear of being attacked and excitement of attacking others.

Holi is a festival which I would say, replenishes your soul. It makes you feel alive again and celebrate different colours of life. Even the gloomiest man on this Earth would smile seeing all colourful, happy and full of life faces around. Well, ya he might get scared too! (wink)

There is also a dark side of this colourful festival, which many of us might not be aware of. Some people end up playing the dirtiest Holi which unfortunately takes an ugly form! I recently came across an article on “Lath Maar Holi”, wherein the legend has it that men are supposed to tease the women so much that they get tired and come to bash them with the lathis. Men then use vulgar gestures and tease the women around.

It’s true not just for places where this custom prevails, but we can have a glimpse of it in many Holi celebrations. The notorious of the lot,consider it an opportunity to have fun. And if confronted by a woman, they reply with their legendary taglines ,”Bura na maano, Holi hai!”

Kyun na maane Bura?

Bura maanenge!

Holi doesn’t give anybody a legal right to gain sadistic pleasure! It is meant to rejoice & bring people together and not leave women with horrific memories for a lifetime.

It’s time we stop Hooliganism in the name of Holi!

Let’s make this festival more joyous and colourful for everyone around us.

Wishing all readers a very Happy & Rang Bhari Holi. Play safe and be safe. And?


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