A visit to Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

“Satsriakaal” – Each time we see Sikhs greeting each other, we hear them exchanging this word. How many of us actually know what it means? Is it similar to “Namaste”?Honestly, at least I just knew this just as a “word” and not aware of its meaning. So here it goes – Sat means “truth”, sri is an honorific word and Akaal means “timeless being – God”. Thus, the phrase means “God is the Ultimate Truth”.

Recently, We (I and my Colleagues) got a Sunehra chance to visit Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi. If Golden Temple is to Amritsar, then Bangla Sahib is to Delhi.

The moment you reach the entrance of this pious place, strangely there is a freshness and coolness in the surrounding air. Have you felt so? Some crazy ones like me, may even get goosebumps! There is this feeling of oneness among the crowd, irrespective of colour, race or religion.

So we started our visit by depositing our shoes at the shoe counter,free of cost. One of the amazing things to note is that the people who manage the shoe counter are all volunteers wanting to serve selflessly.

Each one is required to cover their heads as per the Sikh customs. Few carry their hankies/strolls and the rest get excited to choose the head-scarf matching the colour of their attire, available in the baskets near the entrance of the Gurudwara.

We then proceeded inside. The interiors in Gold colour, signifying the real treasure a man can find, and an experience of stillness. People sitting and lost in prayers. It’s said that the best way to pray is to be silent. Silent prayers have a language without words. Strange yet true. We sat for some time and then went towards the “Sarovar”.

Sarovar is a holy pool inside the complex of the Gurudwara. One can spot many fishes swimming in the pool.

You get a chance to experience different moments while being at the Sarovar just as I did and here it is.

From a group of men taking a dip in the holy pool to a young boy doing the same while taking the support of the iron chains. Some trying to feed the fishes and others shoo-ing it away so they can peacefully sit with their feet dipped in the water. You may also witness a parent describing the importance and significance of visiting a Gurudwara to their young child, thus deepening the roots of values and cultures in him/her just as their parents did.

A few engaged in selfies while other rare ones, trying to take the perfect shot of Gurudwara with different angles, just like the one that you see in my Blog. It is taken by one of my colleagues who happens to be a “Tax professional and a rookie photographer”. And to our surprise, while he was trying to take the perfect shot, a few fishes came near the camera, literally posing and as if requesting for a shot! Why does it often happen that when you are at a religious place, everything synchronizes? As if everyone’s (be it human or an animal) destination is same but paths are different. Zyada philosophical ho gaya kya? Err..

As they say, a visit to Bangla Sahib remains incomplete without the karah prasad. Hence, after experiencing this serene moment at the Sarovar, we walked up to the counter and relished the karah prasad. Though, it has dollops of ghee yet one cannot avoid having it! It’s so delicious.

And finally, after coming together,it was time to disperse.

Rab Raakha 🙂

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