Kis baat ki akad hai Bhai?

Hola Amigos!

This week, I am sharing my bit on the hot news of Kapil Sharma, which is even hotter than the approaching Summers! (Pun intended)

Most of us had our Saturdays & Sundays blocked from 9-10 pm to watch “The Kapil Sharma Show”. The graph was immensely high when the show began and remained stable for quite some time. However, gradually the show became a bit boring yet didn’t lose its charm. Many amends were made & new characters were introduced to maintain its goodwill.

Most of us would be aware with the recent headlines on ego-clashes between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover wherein drunk Kapil hurled Sunil with his shoe and started an ugly-abusive fight with his team mates in the flight back from Melbourne. Not just this, he made another headline making Vidya Balan wait for almost six hours for her movie’s promotion!

I think this is a great example for all of us to witness as an audience.

Going by the news, I completely agree that what Kapil did is extremely brutal & unexpected, which makes us all conclude that with the consistent success, he has become arrogant and egoistic.

But what Kapil did, most of us do or “may end up” doing once we too climb the ladder of Success. What is imperative then is to-not-forget where you came from and remember ki chahe aj asmaan par kyun na ho, par shuruat toh zameen par rehkar hi kari thi.

This sort of behaviour is natural and many of us are bound to be trapped in it. But the catch here is – To be Aware. And once that’s done, the game is yours!

So this is a disease called “Ego/Arrogance”, which if not treated immediately, will ruin everything you have! With disease, comes symptoms. You just have to identify the symptoms and the best part of this disease is that it’s only cure is “Awareness”. No other medication. Once you are aware, your actions will get amended automatically. Yeh ek aisi bimari hai jo har insan ko kabhi na kabhi hoti hai. Magar Iske ilaaj mein ek paisa ka kharcha nahin hai. Why would anyone want to leave such a lucrative offer? Think about it.

Below are some of the symptoms I am sharing that you need to take hold of.

It is interesting to note that when we tend to become egoistic of our success or wealth, we start considering others as Ants! Yes, literally Ants. Each time we meet those “Ants”, we give them “the looks” considering it our moral duty to convey them what they deserve.

We also start taking people for granted. Those people could be the ones who are always-available-for-you or those always ready-to-help-you. To put it simply – Our Family, close friends or colleagues at workplace. We experience this “new” feeling that we know things better than them and that they have turned too old-fashioned for us.

We suddenly become too pricey (Bhaav khana). This could mean frequently turning down plans/calls of your once-close friends or being too-busy-to-help-you at workplace.

Being in the egoistic state, you tend to be more unstable and restless. There is an evil battle going inside you between your mind and your conscience (latter applies to those whose conscience is still alive), where the former comforts you that your actions are right but the latter disagrees.

I think it’s high time for both the lots –  one, who are already afflicted with this disease and second, who are bound to get afflicted. It’s time to start being aware & save yourself from being doomed (Apni naiyya bacha lo!).

Coming back to the facts, recent news says that Kapil’s show has become history & the tables have turned for Kapil & Sunil. Colors will soon be announcing a new show with Sunil wherein he would be the one interacting with the celebrities & Kapil would be playing various characters in his show!

Dr. Mashoor Gulati is finally about to become “Mashoor” and I wish he reads this piece ASAP!!! 🙂

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