Dance like No one is watching

Hola all Dancing Readers! Err.. I mean “Dance Lovers”.

This blog is dedicated to two categories of dancers : First, those who love to dance and second, those who badly want to dance (like me) but don’t really fall in the first category.

So why Dance ka bhoot this week?

Not even 24 hours have passed since I attended a party and honestly danced after ages like no one is watching. It made me immensely happy to let myself just be Me, without worrying about others. And this has landed me here to share my experience of a sudden transition from category two to one.

Dance is a form of Expression and uses the body as an instrument. We dance to express our sheer joy, happiness or craziness. It is like celebrating the celebrations.

Often we don’t let ourselves loose and rather get intimidated by people around us. But the amusing fact is that the other person,too, is in the same space as you. Even (s)he is wondering if (s)he is looking good or if the dance moves are correct. Don’t you think when everyone is confused, then it’s better to just let go the confusion and be yourself?

They say the best thing you can wear is a Smile and Confidence. This will not only make you feel good but also transmit positive vibes around you. It acts as a catalyst to ease out things for you.

Talking of parties, you will find all kinds of dancers. Some are natural dancers like Govinda or Madhuri, some sophisticated ones trying to make the perfect move, a major lot dancing on their own beats without worrying what others might think, a few drunk ones jumping as if playing Stapoo  and the rest being observers.

Ever wondered Why, when it comes to dance, the first names that come to mind is Govinda or Madhuri? Each time you see them, it seems as if they are born dancers , which may or may not be true. If you ask me, I think the one thing that makes them flawless dancers is the Smile & Confidence they carry while they dance. Their moves may not be the perfect ones but they don’t hesitate dancing.

Some of the best dancers are the ones who only “Dance” without learning any steps. Yes, all that is needed is just Dance. I would rather say that when you learn steps and dance, is when you become all the more conscious to be the perfect dancer. I still remember how much effort I’d put in learning the steps for a dance competition, which turned out to be a disaster, simply because I was trying to dance and not really dance.

We often feel comfortable dancing alone because it comforts us that we won’t be laughed at. But once you start accepting yourself just the way you are, you will no longer be intimidated by others. That is when your journey with “Yourself” will begin! And then, even if you happen to be a worst dancer, you will tend to improve as the basic ingredient of ‘acceptance’ has been rooted inside you.

To all my readers who currently fall in category two (after self evaluation), just a free advice – Just Let Go whatever is holding you back and Dance like No one is watching. You will end up dancing better than the best dancers!

If it still doesn’t work, you can take inspiration from the video “Chahe koi muje junglee kahe.. Kehne do ji kehta rahe.. Hum pyar ke toofano mein gire hai, hum kya kare.. Yahooooo!!”.

You surely dance better than Shammi Kapoor in this one. Don’t you? 🙂

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