That Special Rishta

Yes, I know it’s not Valentine’s week ahead and so, this is not a mushy-love blog.

When someone asks us to describe our ‘Special Rishta’ with someone, don’t most of us just think about our boy/girlfriends or spouses? Be honest.

This week’s bit is to come out of ‘our definition’ of Special Rishta and to expand its meaning by understanding that there can be many Special Rishta’S’.

Stop! Stop your thoughts right away and don’t get excited! It’s not what you are expecting – Ye Dil Maange More!

One of the key takeways for me from the movie Dear Zindagi is this one. Kaira, whose love life isn’t working out, sighs to Dr. Jehangir (her therapist),”I can never find a perfect man. Tell me one thing – Is there such a thing called that “One Perfect Relationship” or “One Special Rishta”? “, to which he replies, “Why should there be just One Special Rishta? We can have different special rishtas in life for different feelings.” Agree?

We can have a Musical rishta with someone we share the same musical taste with. Or Let’s-get-a-coffee-together rishta with someone perfect to have coffee with. Or a special Gossip rishta with someone with whom we can gossip carefree. Or a special Intellectual rishta where you can have all the kitabo-wali discussions. Or a Travel-maniac rishta with someone who is as obsessed for travelling as you. Or anything else.

And that Romantic rishta is just one of these. Putting the burden of all these feelings or what we call it as ehsaas on that one rishta is a bit unfair, no?

With this mini-blog, let’s try to make an effort to sit back for a minute, rewind our lives and think of all the people that we share a Special Rishta with. And also, to release the burden on that one rishta (if any).

Before I leave you with this thought, it is imperative to understand that for any rishta to work, investment is as important as withdrawal. We often withdraw more than we invest, which in turn makes the expiry date of the rishta approach sooner.

Cheers to all the ‘Special Rishtas’ in our life!






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