When Less ‘was’ More

‘I wish I was a kid again!’, ‘Someone please take me back to school!’

Familiar cries? Amidst our daily lives, we often whine saying above, don’t we? Ever wondered what is so special about being a kid or those childhood days that one out of three wants it back(don’t go by numbers Ramanujams and Shankuntala devis, please).

With this week’s bit, I hereby take you on a nostalgic journey to an era ‘When less was more’.

I still crave for the days when the only thing I wanted to be in life was a Teacher. Each day after I returned from school and before the clock even ticked a minute post my arrival, I was ready wearing a dupatta and my mom’s heels. I was assigned a specific corner in the house which was my classroom with a blackboard and notebooks of my former classes. The special thing about these notebooks was that inspite of red ticks all over, I needed them to check the classwork of students during my substitution periods, you know! So there I was, teaching and scolding students ‘only visible to me’ since my mom denied witnessing any student in our house! But that never bothered me to stop teaching. That’s the catch, if you get it.

Similar to above, many of you must have had these childhood moments that made your world just perfect. Here is a chance to think about it. Sit back and rewind that era of yours!

We want to travel ‘saat samundar’ and back then, all we prayed was that our ship (I mean our paper boats) manages to sail through the heavy rains. How our hearts sank each time our ship lost its balance and sunk!

Nothing disappointed us more than the power cuts and excited us more than hooting ‘Light agaiii’ when it was back.

Half of the headlines nowadays are all about people killing each other on a mere argument and all we knew about killing was to see that god damn dragon dead in Mario!

Nothing made us run faster than running to our dad after he returned from work, just to get that one ride in the scooter/car.

We rarely manage to save a seat for our friend in Metro but perfectly managed to save one in the school bus.

Today we work so hard to build a strong CV but back then, all we worked hard was to have the best profile on Hi5 or Orkut with all those cheesy taglines.

Wasn’t our world just perfect?

Yes, we did wail in our childhood but the wailing was on parents not buying us something we wanted. It was surely not as big as how we spend time today in sheer grief of not having enough money, a good job, that person we love or the freedom that rich kids get.

Kids know how to ‘move with the flow’, simply because they lack the power to worry about their future. For them future is all about what to eat or play the next day. That’s it.

Before you start wondering if I am trying to ruin your future plans with just one blog, let me defend myself. I am nowhere saying that it’s bad to plan future or travel seven seas or be competitive about everything but my point is to NOT lose life amidst all this.

If you notice in the instances I mentioned above, only situations have changed but we are still the same. For some, nothing would comfort more than catching up with an old friend and getting nostalgic about old times. Or seeing old photographs. Or dancing in the rain. Or reading a book could be for some. But there is one thing common about these ‘comforting and peaceful moments’. Can you guess it?

These moments are miles away from laptops, phones, instagram, snapchat and blah-blah!

So in this life-race, let’s take a minute to promise ourselves to steal our ‘comforting and peaceful moments’ and re-live our childhood.

This week’s mantra – Identify what ‘comforts’ you and gives you peace. Just do it (No, Nike hasn’t paid me a penny for promoting it) and see if it works until I figure out if writing blogs makes me any less of a teacher by giving my ‘gyaan’ to you?



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