Aniket and Aakriti were as madly in love as any other couple, may be a little more. It’s been a year since they moved-in together, both working with Corporate giants in Mumbai – The City of dreams.

Aniket was tall and handsome. Behind his charming looks was hidden a sad Aniket. He lost his parents when we was seven. This made him as lonely as one could be until he met her, a free spirited soul who knew how to live each moment.

Aakriti wasn’t too attractive in looks but was very hard working. She gave her cent percent in whatever she did.

It all began while they were pursuing MBA in the same college. Cupid struck the opposites and they couldn’t help but fall in love. It was Aakriti who made the first move as Aniket was too shy to walk up to her.

Both were at the threshold of their careers and they knew this very well. They studied day and night and cracked all semesters with ease.

Looking forward to the upcoming journey of working professionals, they were more than happy. And the best part was living together than ending up in a long distance relationship!

‘Get up Ani, else we’ll get late!’ called Aakriti from the kitchen while preparing coffee. They got ready and rushed to work. This was how each morning looked like in Aniket and Aakriti’s lives.

While Aakriti made many new friends at work, Aniket limited himself to a handful. ‘Work hard and party harder’ was their mantra now. Life was just perfect until something started to overpower each one. Career for Aakriti and Love for Aniket.

Aakriti became ambitious than ever and Aniket started to fall more and more in love with her. Being deprived of love since childhood, Aniket was now totally dependent on Aakriti for love. She often came late from work and when she was early, she was mostly busy on her laptop. They started spending less time with each other staying under the same roof! This disturbed both but not as much as it did him. He started to feel neglected and felt that jobs were giving them financial security at a price of their emotional security.

Aniket decided to share this with Aakriti one night.

‘I think we really need to take a break, sweetheart. This all is just not working out. It’s tough to be away from you. We only get a day off and that gets over now in making presentations and preparing for the next day!’

While she was still busy on her laptop, she sighed and turned to him, ‘I completely understand Ani, but you know we both have to make our careers. And this is a very critical phase we are going through. You know how much I love you, don’t you?’

He smiled and turned away to show that he slept.

Months passed like this and Aniket started to feel lonely again. Coming back home no longer excited him. He started spending time after work in pubs. He promised Aakriti that he would never smoke or drink. But as they say promises are meant to be broken. 

One evening, Aakriti called Aniket, ‘Hi Ani, please don’t wait for me tonight. I am going out with friends and might get late. Love you, bye.’ Calls in evening from her were now quite predictable by Aniket. He would stand in the balcony, secretly drink and sleep.

When withdrawals are more than investment in any relationship, it begins to sour. Aniket started losing trust in her. When she returned at 2 am that night, Aniket was drunk and in a miserable state. As he stumbled and reached the door, he held her hair and dragged her in.

‘Aakriti! Is this the time to come? Do you even know how I feel? You don’t care for me anymore. So how was the party with your new boyfriends?’ screamed Aniket.

She was shivering and stood in complete shock.

‘I am sorry. You know I love you and can’t live without you. Please be with me.’ broke down Aniket and fell asleep. Aakriti somehow managed to hold him and lie him down in the bedroom. She cried all night and did not go to work the next day.

‘I am sorry, Ani. Please forgive me. I never realized this will disturb you so much. I really love you. I will do what you want.’ said Aakriti with tears in her eyes.

‘No, baby. I don’t remember what happened last night but I know I misbehaved with you. I can never forgive myself.’ cried Aniket.

Both cried for a while and then hugged each other. They decided they would spend more time together and take breaks often. But once doubt creeps in, it’s tough to get rid of it. Aniket had lost the power to differentiate between right and wrong. He often convinced himself that Aakriti loved him and would never leave him, but it never brought him peace. He did not want to go through the same pain as he did in his childhood. He made up his mind that he would never let Aakriti leave him and was ready to give anything that it takes.

Aakriti started coming home on time to make Aniket happy. While they laid down together, Aniket stayed awake until she slept. He picked up her phone to check her messages. This was a new habit he adopted since it gave him peace of mind, even if it lasted just one night. He also started stalking her activities on social media. He wanted to snatch her away from all her friends so she could be only his. Each time she received a call at home, he took her phone to check the caller and then gave it back. He never left her alone now and this started suffocating Aakriti.

She shared this with one of her friends at lunch one day. ‘ I know he loves me Richa but I have started to feel like a prisoner. He does not let me have “me” time anymore. It has been ages since I partied with you guys. I love him a lot but…’ spoke Aakriti with her eyes wet.

‘Even though you love him Aakriti but if it is not making you happy, you really need to take a break and think about this relationship. I know it will hurt him but in the long run, it will be good for both of you’ comforted Richa.

Aakriti had become an obsession for Aniket. He left his job and stayed at home, calling her every hour while she was at work and screaming at her when she failed to pick his calls or respond to his messages.

Aniket would reach her office every evening and drive her home, just to make sure she doesn’t run away. Aakriti could feel this but did not say anything.

One day Aakriti called Aniket that she would get late by an hour as she had an urgent meeting to attend. This made him furious and he shouted on the phone, ‘Come home now Aakriti! Don’t test my patience. You don’t know what I can do to get you home, bitch!’

Aakriti started trembling and told him that she would leave on time.

Aniket couldn’t take this anymore. He decided that the day had come to make Aakriti his soul mate forever and that even God had no right to take her away.

After she reached home, Aniket opened the door and held her hand so hard that she started crying in pain.

‘You don’t know how much I love you Aakriti. I can’t live without you and I can do anything to make you mine, even if it means….’ stopped Aniket.

This scared the hell out of her. She begged, ‘Aniket, you can’t do this to me. You love me na. Listen, let’s sit and talk. Please relax honey. Please leave my hand. It’s paining Ani.’

But he wouldn’t listen.

A moment of silence prevailed. Both knew it was the beginning of the end.

He kissed Aakriti and jammed the muzzle of the gun in her stomach while screaming, ‘I am sorry baby. You are only mine.’

He saw his love falling, devastating him. Seconds later, he took another bullet, this time the muzzle facing him.


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