The Not-so-joyous Metro ride

My heartfelt condolences to each one of you (including myself) who hopelessly travel by Delhi Metro to have do waqt ki roti! We share the mutual pain of ‘Metro ki sawari’ which may seem more of a ‘Joy Ride’ to many of the new travellers.

Once you become a daily metro commuter, you not just develop observation power but also handful tips to grab a seat! You start to observe a wide diversity of people and the various expressions a human face changes in a blink of an eye.

You will find grumpy passengers who sulk if asked to move an inch to adjust with the other person. Until you recover from the sulkiness, you come across a ‘Rakhi Sawant’ fan who is busy fighting with another lady on something silly and shows the world that ‘I can talk Engleesh & I can walk Engleesh’.

The boundaries where the Women’s coach ends is the Lakshman rekha for male passengers. You will find them standing behind the rekha with ‘puppy eyes’ seeking the love of their life, quite certain that the encounter with their soulmate would only happen in the women’s coach.

Anyway, the next big worry is how to grab a seat where almost everyone is busy playing Musical chair ?

With this piece and an effort to make your journey on the ‘Yellow line’ less-miserable, I am sharing tricks that I apply to grab my bit of cheese on my way to Gurgaon!

  1. Do not stand in front of the passengers who along with their bags are carrying lunch boxes, specially ‘Tupperware’ printed on them. They too are on their way to have do waqt ki roti. And chances are that this roti is only available from Gurgaon.
  2. Stand in front of Old Aunties. They are most likely to get down at Chattarpur station to offer their prayers to the Almighty.
  3. If you find a passenger who is unwell and accompanied by a guardian, they are most likely to get down at AIIMS (God bless them).
  4. The mini Einsteins, drowned in the ocean of knowledge (I mean books) will rarely travel upto Gurgaon. They are likely to get down at stations prior to Qutub Minar station.
  5. On your way back from Gurgaon, get down at Qutub Minar station to board another metro that changes tracks and terminates at this station. You’ll be blessed with empty coaches but it just doesn’t stop there. Your ‘Bhaag milkha bhaag’ speed will be tested to get a seat.

However, if nothing works, do this – Headphones ON and World OFF!

Apply the above as Monday is no far and do share if it helped you guys a bit. Thank me later! 🙂

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