Yes, I belong to a Middle class family!

To go by the literal meaning, Middle class always stands in the ‘middle’, they are neither poor nor rich. And that is what gives meaning to the word ‘Jugaad’ for this class.

No matter how tough the going is, Middle class will always find a Jugaad to survive. This week’s write up is for you if you happen to belong to a Middle class family as much as I do.

Okay, so we inherit greater management skills than other classes and this skill profoundly comes out when we have guests visiting us. The entire family holds a meeting to discuss roles and responsibilities for each member, thus gearing up to conceal imperfections and training kids to resist the urge to gulp exotic food stuff exclusively bought for guests.

You know a newly experimented breakfast dish is on the cards the next day if one of the dinner meals did not finish. Mothers possess the ability to make something out of anything. How strangely cool is that?

Not just this, there will always be one leaking tap or an electrical appliance that doesn’t work properly and it becomes a part of each family member’s life.

The moment you reach home and are about to park your car, your dad will appear from no-where and become your guide while you are in the back gear. The only words reaching your ears would be Aaja, aaja.

If we are to talk about gadgets, then you will find an ironical gap similar to two poles on planet Earth. On one hand you will find an unemployed kid of the family holding an Iphone while on the other hand is a breadwinner called ‘Father’ holding just a phone. The kid is likely to have more years of technological experience than the Father.

This class also loves to travel even if it is within the confined borders of the country. They can empty their pockets to stay in luxury hotels but hardly can get over the habit of being a hotel-toiletry thief! ‘Ek hotel mein stay ke badle soap, shampoo, lotion muft muft muft’! Freebies ka alag hi maza hai yaar. 

Apart from travelling, sometimes the family drives upto theatres for movies too! Why sometimes? Because before even selecting the showtime for a movie on Bookmyshow, ticket price is evaluated. And if it doesn’t fit the budget, the result is Theatre par kya dekhni. Kuch dino mein dekhna TV par hi aa jayegi.

Jokes apart, no wonder how down-market or obnoxious the above instances may seem, you will still find people belonging to this class to be grounded and empathic. Their undying hope and belief that Life will be better than before is what outstands them from the rest!

So such people don’t feel inferior being from a Middle class family, rather feel proud to witness a journey from less-to-more.

Just wondering if this write up was too Middle class?


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