Why do you listen to Music?

With Music, I don’t mean the hopeless melody – Selfie maine le li aaj by Dhinchaak Pooja, who by the way is nowhere Dhinchaak!

I am talking of Music that has a meaning. The one that touches your heart. The one that makes you feel good and connects you to another being (like the one in the picture above).

Ever wondered, why do you listen to music?

Does it help you escape from the madness around? Or does it help you replenish? To me, music acts like a catalyst to experience and understand my emotions better. It helps me bounce back feeling alive.

We listen to varied genres of music depending on our moods. We choose dance numbers when in energetic spirits or choose sad rhythms when low. A fast track suits best for a workout or an inspirational one that uplifts us and fills us with motivation.

Have you ever experienced music in Silence? Sounds silly?

Well, try this – Spend some time with nature (without phones, please) and you will experience a rhythm. A rhythm woven of chirping birds and swinging leaves. Dancing flowers and playing squirrels. A rhythm that transports you to just another world of rejuvenation! That is what Music can do to you.

Music can uplift your mood, put the smile back on your face and make you fully alive. Hence, it is important to build your personal collection of good pieces because music tends to influence our mind in numerous unknown ways.

These days, music has taken a drastic change and lost meaning in contrast to the ones made in 70s or 80s. Being a 90s kid, I was not a fan of what our generation refers as ‘Purane gaane’ until I decided to give these ‘Purane gaane’ a try, considering the poor quality of music being made today. Trust me, today my playlist does include a few like Woh kagaz ki kashti, Kuch toh log kahenge, Tu hi Re (Bombay) or Mere sapno ki raani. These songs give me a perspective and re-fill my soul.

Why is it that when you sit near a bonfire or any calm place like mountains, you prefer listening to soft music and not Baby doll main sone ki? Think about it.

Look at the popular numbers today – To calm the naughty keeda, we have Daddy mummy hai ni ghar par. After a serious fight, we have So Let’s Break up, o meri jaan. To cheer ourselves up after a breakup, we have The Breakup Song. To be a Macho again, we have Yo-yo Raps or Chaar botal vodka. Where are we really heading to?

And the worse is when you see little kids dangling around singing this crap! Would this generation really know the power and importance of music in one’s life other than something that is played just to dance and have fun?

I never knew Sachin Tendulkar’s favourite song or how when under pressure, he would be hooked to that one song all day – Yaad aa raha hai..Tera pyaar.. Even the great leader Robin Sharma has a collection of the best ones and emphasizes to listen to Music everyday, which is exceptionally powerful tool to manage your moods and remain at your best.

Music is something that helps you to connect to self, something that is felt and not just heard. And that is the reason you will find gems in this world who inspite of being deaf, are singers. Isn’t that unbelievable? Not sure about you, but it has surely brought me goosebumps while I write this!

Folks, let’s respect this form of art and use it as strength in our lives. What say?


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