Who you’d like to be Friends with?

Being a Late Latif in most of the endeavours in my life, I somehow manage to do some justice to the saying ‘Better late than Never’.

The much hyped American TV series that was concluded in 2004, never intrigued me until I decided to give a try to this melodrama. After a decade since the series got over, here I am dedicating one of my blogs to this Exceptionally Amazing series – F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

This show is not just about being a foodie like Joey, a fashionista like Rachel, a sarcasm guru like Chandler, a caring soul like Ross, a cleanliness freak like Monica or a free soul like Phoebe. It’s much much more. And vaise bhi, it’s anyhow better than Saas Bahu crap!

If I were to ask you – Which is that one character in Friends that you would like to be friends with? The one you adore the most or the one that taught you some of the great life lessons?

Well, for me, it is Phoebe Buffay!

Undoubtedly, she is a weirdo but that is what makes her unique. Phoebe is a crazy soul. She doesn’t give a damn to what the World has to say about her.

PS : This doesn’t make her self centered or rude but a lover of self.

She knows nobody loves her Smelly Cat, yet this is something that doesn’t stop her from singing her heart out. Being lost in her own beats, she dances off life! She walks out of embarrassing situations like a Boss!

Phoebe Buffay is brutal and honest. She is always there for her friends but won’t support you for something she believes to be wrong! She will scold you like a Parent and protect you like a Brother.

Her off-beat ideals may not be acceptable to you but she doesn’t have time to give second thoughts about it. It doesn’t matter how much she craves having meat, but she’s never gonna have it! Why? Because she believes it’s a murder, a cold blooded murder.

She believes that Confidence is the ultimate sexy! No matter how scared or nervous you may be, if you are confident you can never be behind.

Phoebe’s ability to speak new languages is unbeatable!

After all, being normal is too boring and mainstream. So is Phoebe.

Who is your favourite? Leave your comments while I pace up to finish all seasons!


  1. i can’t agree less…Pheobe is my favourite too..she is so damn strong and a delight to watch…she never fails to surprise you…she has this mystery surrounding her..an aura..which is hard to decipher… well above its difficult to take sides when it comes to Freinds…cheers to this masterpiece…

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  2. I was just watching Pheobe’s wedding episode. Oh I love Pheobe. She’s beautifully weird. 🙂 Though my favourite character is Chandler. And like you I too joined the Friends bandwagon very late in life. I watched it for the first time in 2015 and have been watching it repeatedly since then.

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    1. That’s wonderful Mona! Honestly, I am still toddling on the 6th season.. Nevertheless, all characters are outstanding but I love Phoebe slightly more than the others 🙂 Cheers!


      1. Haha.. No.. For someone who started to watch after a decade, already knows the suspense! But that is the beauty of this show.. Inspite of knowing it all, one ends up watching it!


  3. For me friends was not a TV series, it is more than that.. I started watching these series as everyone says it is a good series to watch..
    Then, I started feeling i have 6 new friends in my life.. All characters teach us some or the other thing in a way which no other TV serials.
    Undoubtedly, Pheobe is my fav tooo…. Her childhood stories, her innocence, her way towards life is amazing..

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