Ab bas bhi karo! #Sararara

Though it doesn’t need any introduction and if does for you, then Dude!You really need to pull up your socks to catch up on all that is hot on social media these days.

Ye zamana Aap ka nahin, Apps ka hai.

Okay, for those who are turtles in the social media race, this new app ‘Sarahah’ or ‘Sararara’ as I call it, has been created by a Saudi Arabian developer, an attempt to let others have the opportunity to give you a ‘constructive’ feedback while being anonymous. Though some have deliberately read ‘constructive’ to be ‘destructive’.

Just to enlighten the turtles, some users of this app and mind you, not developers have created a manual to use this app which goes like this :

  1. For all the mushy and good feedbacks, first go ‘Awww’ and then take a screenshot.
  2. Post the screenshot on Facebook with a caption as given in Step 3.
  3. Caption must be framed in a way that depicts mawkish curiosity to know the anonymous sender. Something like : This is so sweeeet! Whoever this is, please inbox me! #Sararara. (Err #Sarahah)
  4. After you have posted, wait for some time until you receive quite a few comments on your post.
  5. The ones who have commented will now begin to play the game of ‘Pehchaan kaun’ with you. You have to identify the sender, who most likely would have commented on your post too.

Follow these simple steps and you can be an expert too.

Hadh hi ho gayi. Stop feeling lucky that I have helped you crack the cheat code of using this App! I mean seriously. These days, Facebook news feed has nothing constructive other than so called ‘constructive’ feedbacks posted by people. Constructive and Compliments have a difference, no?

The one thing that really confuses me is that how can you be certain that the feedback received is an honest one? And how does it show the world that you are open to feedbacks when all that you are letting the world know is compliments.

A few of the posts that have hijacked my devices’ screens are : “I love you but never had the courage to walk up to you. Will you please merry me?”. “Aao kabhi haveli par”. “You never like my pictures on FB”.”Destiny finally united us on FB”.

Isse bura aur kya ho sakta hai when merriages and destinies are being decided on Facebook?

Apart from the fun and entertainment that this app has to offer, there is an ugly dark side of it too. Side effects keh lo.

Many users have started to receive threats and increase in cyber bullying has reached to an all new level. All thanks to the developer and users who, without a doubt, helped him earn millions in such a short span of time.

You must thank God if you are not one of those who have been a victim of cyber bullying because of this. Now that this app is viral, it is important for us to be aware that giving people brutally negative comments while having the benefit of being anonymous or body shaming them or humiliating them on the basis of gender, race or religion can immensely damage their psychological well being. Nobody gives us the right to do that.

And in case you feel proud of finally sending a message to someone you hate, be Cautious! You never know. There could be a hater of this Arabian developer, who hacks the app and the identity of senders be like Khul jaa Sim Sim! Think about it. Do you want to be one of those Khatron ke Khiladi?

Till then, do not delete the app before you receive an anonymous message from me. #Sararara

For ‘constructive’ feedback, Write in to neha_29g@yahoo.com or facebook.com/connectingself/ . Follow Connecting Self for more.


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  1. Oh I downloaded the app just for fun. I only gave it to my boyfriend asking him to send me “anonymous” love messages…haha. I am not on facebook so I didn’t get the chance to see all these posts. I wish I was on facebook, I had some really interesting messages for so many people in my past. *evil grin*
    ( on another note, you didn’t change your header yet. You did get my mail na?)


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