Yeh baarish kuch kehti hai

Bonjour Readers!

Now that I am finally done with sending anonymous messages to many on #Sarara, I am back to square one after a long break.

It’s time for Joy – Monsoons are here! Err.. Joy for some and Torture for some.

While I may be a peacock when it comes to Rains, there’s no denying to the fact that it can sometimes be a torture too. The sight of snailing cars with non-stop honking on muddy puddled roads is unbearable. When you see passerbys with sparkling faces enjoying rain while you are caged in the four wheeler, it further adds to your disgust.

The spectacular views of Metro are no less. With the sight of almost-drenched-in-rain passengers running towards you to board the Metro, thereby increasing your suffocation and torture levels or some cursing the Metro driver for sailing too slow against the tides, you are left with nothing but – Oh God, Why this Baarish!

However, the miseries that Rains seem to bring nowhere match to the sheer joy they shower on us. Right?

So, just to help you and myself look away from the melancholy Rains arrive with, this week’s bit is dedicated to all of us, who have somewhat begun to just witness than enjoy Rains.

Let me begin with this – Yeh baarish kya kehti hai?

Have you seen kids jumping and bouncing in muddy water with utmost happiness on their faces while you made faces saying, “Eww. Look at those kids playing in dirt.” Somewhere deep within, you knew you wanted that too.

For me, rains have brought me happy and crazy moments full of life.

The mix of emotions from excitement to grab newspapers and make paper boats, the care to row them carefully and the fear of my cruises being drowned in the sea is what made my rains complete.

All of us surely have some memories associated with Rains. This Monsoon, introspect and recall yours. And if you end up with nothing, it’s time you start making some!

Here are some of the crazy tit bits exclusively from my list for you to try on and enjoy this Monsoon before it goes!!

  1. Just Go and get wet in the Rain. Leave behind the silly excuses of rain bringing a mess or spoiling your hair. Get dirty for once.
  2. It’s time for ‘Ek garam chai ki pyaali’ in the balcony. Don’t wish Koi usko pilane wali(a) ho! Focus on the Baarish.
  3. Call up your friends and go for a crazy football match. Don’t worry about the dirt. Daag ache hote hai.
  4. No one can beat the duo of Music and Rain. Play your romantic playlist and be still. You will soon begin to notice the rain dancing on your beats.
  5. Grab a book and choose your spot. It must be near the window, balcony or a place where you can listen to drizzle while you read.

Catch hold of the Monsoons and get all drenched before it’s time for chilly winters ahead. For once, Stop cursing and Start embracing the ‘Free gifts of Nature’.

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