Punjabiyan di battery KYUN charge rehndi ae?

Yaar jo bhi kaho, is duniya mein do hi type ke log hote hai – Punjabi aur Non-Punjabi (I’ll call them as NPs in the rest of the blog).You got it right – Just like Iphone and Non-Iphone users.

Having interacted with many NPs so far, I have discovered this strange dislike in their hearts for Punjabis. Not sure if it is much like, “Oh! The grapes must be sour” because they are not one of them.

No wonder, Punjabis are like Iphones – “Worth the hype”.

But getting an answer to the favourite question of NPs ,’Who are Punjabis after all’? is tough.

Do you have to be a Sikh to be a Punjabi? Or do you have to be a hard core non-vegetarian-alcoholic? Or does your surname have to be one of Arora, Khurana, Khanna etc?

I am none of these and yet I proudly call myself a ‘Punjabi’ which to some of my friends seems like a total hoax primarily because I am a living non-alcoholic vegetarian calling myself a Punjabi!

So, this week’s bit is dedicated to all the helpless foxes who have given up on grapes thinking they are sour and still secretly wishing they could get one.

Here I am at your rescue with some easy-breezy hacks to help you become a Punjabi in no time. Before that, always remember that being born in Punjab is not a mandate to be a Punjabi!

  1. You have to be interested in Gossips and once you have satisfied your curiosity, you just have to grin and say,”Khair, Sanu ki!” (Translation : Anyway,what does it matter to us).
  2. You have to be Loud with people every time you speak, laugh or get angry. People around you must get a feeling that you are fighting.
  3. There is a specific accent you must learn to speak a few words. For instance, Maruti is Mruti, Corolla is Crollaa, Canada is Kanaeda, Police is Puls and Bullet is Bullt.
  4. You have to begin your Sundays with Chole Bhature and Lassi, and when someone asks if you need more, all you have to reply is “Aan de” (Translation : Bring it on).
  5. You must develop your love for Dance and it’s no big a deal in learning Bhangra. All you have to do is lift your both hands up (like the one we see in movies where Police catches a villan and says ‘Hands up’) or signal six runs in cricket and just move your body.
  6.  Dancing on “Taare gin gin yaad ch teri, main ta jaaga raatan nu” is a must, at least once in your lifetime.

Above all, Being a Punjabi is not being part of a community but having an attitude. One ‘O, koi ni yaar!’ can give the strength for life’s toughest syape (problems). All you gotta do is develop that attitude and go all Bruuaahh!!!

Write in to neha_29g@yahoo.com or facebook.com/connectingself/ . Follow Connecting Self for more.

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